Two female hands touching fingers as the Creation painting - by The Product Stylist

Tools & Resources.

Below, you find a list of all of my favorite tools and resources. Most of them are referral or affiliate links [marked with an *] which means that I will receive a small commission if you decide to sign up through my link. I would never share something with you just to earn money. Every tool and resource on here is something I use or have used myself, that I love and that I recommend to my friends and my clients.

Photography & Editing.

One of the most powerful photo editing tools out there. I use Adobe Lightroom for all of my images and couldn‘t live without it.

I love Photoshop as a complementary tool to editing in Lightroom and create all my photo manipulations in this incredible program.

Free online tool with similar functions as Adobe Photoshop.

Female hand holding lamp with eucalyptus inside - by The Product Stylist


In my opinion, styled stock photos are so 2017/18. They will never be your best choice because they are not created to tell your unique story.

But then why am I giving you these photos? Because styled stock photography can get you part of the way. And because I know how difficult it is to juggle all the different aspects of your business.

I can make the styling and photography aspect easier for you. And giving you access to free high quality stock photos is part of that. [Also, I’d much rather give them to you and have them help you instead of them sitting on my hard drive. Because that would be a waste, wouldn’t it?]

Click on the title to download the entire bundle or on the individual pictures if you only want some of them.

Golden circular trail with a paper, green paint and eucalyptus leaves on top - by The Product Stylist
Front view of smartphone with The Product Stylist Instagram feed

Social Media Management.

I have tried a lot of different planning and sche-duling tools for Instagram. Plann is my favorite, so far!

Tailwind saves me a lot of time in scheduling my pins for Pinterest and, therefore, helps me drive traffic to my website.


I love both learning and teaching on Skillshare. Sign up with this link to start learning for free for your first 2 months.

Women smiling with a camera in one hand and a copper liquid around her - by The Product Stylist