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Product Styling & Photography

Product styling is one of the most powerful tools in retail. It's so powerful because - if done well - it's not even noticeable. Good product styling catches the potential clients' attention, sparks their interest, makes them feel comfortable and understood, evokes the desire to purchase and finally convinces them that this is exactly what they need - or want. 

Product styling is a very subtle art. And sometimes, it feels a bit like magic. I'm slowly closing in on a decade of experience in Visual Merchandising and I still love my job as much as I did on the first day. I'm seasoned in my job and know most of the tricks of the trade, and still my heart beats faster when it all comes together and the whole becomes more than just the sum of its parts. When the outdoor cushions, the paper lanterns, the candles and the garden furniture are not just standing there but when their composition makes you dream of lovely summer nights in your garden. Or when the mannequin is not just wearing some blouse, pants and coat but every second woman walking by stops and touches the coat.


While your potential clients can't actually touch your products when seeing your pictures online, you can still make them dream. Your product photos have to tell a story that helps them identify with your products and make them fall in love with your brand. And I can help you achieve that.

I think by now you know that I'm very passionate about my work and highly dedicated to it. And I would love to put all that passion and all my experience to work for your business. If you have the feeling that I could be the right match for your brand, please contact me by clicking the button below! I have a small contact questionnaire ready to help you tell me what you're looking for and how I can help you grow your business. 




What my Clients are saying...


Jan Hyde
CEO of Antonia York

"I contacted Marianne because I felt that I needed help with styling a new range of spa products for my online business.

Firstly, I have to say that working with Marianne was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and that she delivered her service at all times in an extremely professional way.

In order to help Marianne to decide whether or not she was the right fit for me and my brand, she asked me to initially complete a questionnaire and also, a Pinterest assignment. Filling out the questionnaire really helped me to focus upon the key elements of the brand and I learnt a lot about the things that are really important in the process. Making up the Pinterest board was also great fun and very illuminating; it helped me to better define my brand from the fundamental colours and textures to the emotions that I wanted my brand to evoke.

From the information provided by the questionnaire and the Pinterest board, Marianne came back to me with her own vision of my brand, a selection of props that she had chosen for my photo shoot, and some sketches showing the placement of my products within those props.

I felt that Marianne had captured my brand perfectly and a few days later I was able to see a preview of the finished images which I was delighted with.

Marianne’s passion for styling and creative flair were clearly reflected in the stunning collection of product images that she had created for me. They captured the essence of what I feel my brand is about, they were visually appealing, and created interest in the products. I’m confident that these images will help to make my products stand out from the crowd and create greater brand awareness for Antonia York."