Woman with copper short hair, touching her cheek and smiling - by The Product Stylist


Welcome to my corner of the internet! To the place where I share my passion for visual story telling with the world and help you develop your own unique way to show your story, build your business and sell your products.

I‘M A VISUAL MERCHANDISER. For the last 10 years, I've been working as a product stylist for Switzerland‘s largest department store chain. I love both the artistic and the commercial side of my job. And the human interaction with both my co-workers and our clients.

I‘M A TEACHER. I've always loved sharing my knowledge and experience. It started with me showing my six younger siblings the world. It continued with me tutoring many young students and studying to become a teacher for higher education. And it resulted in me starting my own coaching and consulting business and becoming a teacher on Skillshare.

I‘M A CRAZY PERSON. I suffer from a Borderline Personality Disorder. A mental health issue that can severely restrict me
but that has also had it‘s part in shaping me into the resilient, dedicated and positive person that I am.

Woman sitting at desk with iMac and microphone, holding a sketchbook and smiling into the camera - by The Product Stylist