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„A picture tells a thousand words.“ And without them, we‘re lost in this world of online entrepreneurship.

Taking beautiful photos of your products is one thing. But even the highest quality photo will not sell your product if it doesn't tell a story.

And this is where I come in. I’m not here to tell your story for you. Because nobody knows your story the way you do. I’m here to support you in telling it in the most powerful and engaging way possible, to help you develop your own unique way to

                     • show your story,
                     • build your business and
                     • sell your products.



Visual Coaching Call (60 min)

Visual Quick Guide (1 page PDF) summarizing my coaching advice

Follow up call (60 min) max. 4 weeks after delivery of the Visual Quick Guide

Visual Coaching Call (60min)

Visual Quick Guide (1 page PDF) summarizing my coaching advice

Follow up call (60 min) max. 4 weeks after delivery of the Visual Quick Guide

Preview of the Visual Guide from The Product Stylist
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What is Visual Merchandising and what can it do for your business?

Visual Merchandising is all about creating an experience that draws your potential customers in. About telling a story that grabs their attention, peaks their interest for the product or service, evokes the desire to own it and makes it easy for them to go through with the purchase.

It is about engaging the senses and emotions of your audience. In a physical store, you can appeal to all of the human senses. Online you are limited to sight and hearing. And people don’t always have their volume on or their earphones plugged in - so you can’t depend too much on sound. But this is no reason to despair: Did you know that up to 80% of our perception is determined by sight? And that you can compensate senses such as touch and hearing via sight?

Imagine a photo of a hand-poured candle with a slice of orange lying next to it. You the scent of an orange. And although you can’t smell the candle on the photo, you know how this candle smells, don’t you?

Or imagine visiting the website of a business coach. On a photo there, you see her and somebody else sitting in a café, discussing strategy over a delicious piece of cake. They both look relaxed and cheerful. You know how working with this coach is going to feel, don’t you?

Visual Merchandising is about inspiring your client. It makes the difference between your visitor just seeing a product or reading about a service and actually imagining (and desiring) it as a part of their own life.

Visual Merchandising is about supporting your brand voice and story. About communicating through visuals that make it easy for your ideal customer to grasp the essence of your brand and identify with it.

And it is about creating focus. About guiding your potential customers as they navigate through your online platforms. About making sure that they see your products and services and don’t get distracted or feel overwhelmed.

Are you ready to leverage this powerful tool for your business?

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