Instagram Design #3: Branding


Welcome back to the "How to Design Your Instagram Feed" series! Last time, we've talked about the importance of defining your target audience and how it is one of the two foundations you need to establish before starting with the actual design process.

I hope you've done your homework and have a clear idea about your ideal customer persona. This is very important important because the second foundation for your Instagram feed design - choosing your key branding elements - is already building on your target audience research. If you are not sure about your market, I strongly recommend you go back to the last post: "Instagram Design #2: Target Audience".


Branding is super important, no doubt about that. 
But [...]



Branding your business can be a tough task. Something that's very overwhelming in the beginning. You might feel like you need to figure out everything right from the start. But you just can't afford to hire a professional to do that. Been there. But, you know what, my business is already one year old and I don't even have a logo. So, don't stress yourself out.
Branding is super important, no doubt about that. But businesses change so much in the beginning that all the money you'd spend on branding in these early stages would probably be thrown out of the window.

All you need for Instagram is 

  • a good portrait shot of yourself,
  • a clear idea of the overall look and feel you want your feed to have,
  • 3-6 colors and
  • 2 fonts.

This is also going to be enough to have a first go at branding your entire biz.

And there's an easy (and fun) way of establishing your overall brand feeling and choosing your colors: Head over to Pinterest and create your business brand board. Curate 50 to 80 images that you feel represent what you want your brand to be and to stand for. Don't forget to consider your ideal customers' tastes and preferences!

Once you've collected enough pictures, go ahead and create a mood board with your favorite images. (Canva would be an awesome free resource to do that.)  And from this mood board you select your brand colors - or get a tool to do it for you. Check out Adobe Color CC; it lets you upload an image and then choose from different color moods from it...

Let me show you what I'm talking about: This is my brand mood board and some colors I've drawn from it. 

Image Source   These images are not my own but collected from Pinterest. I don't own the rights to any of them. If you recognize your own image(s) please feel free to leave me a message. I would love to credit you as a source. (Or remove the image, if you'd like me to do so.)

For NordicCopperDesign, I'm working with a total of 7 colors (or 9 if you would include black and white). That's a lot and I wouldn't advice you start out with that many!

I recommend you start with 3. Choosing too many will only make things more difficult in the beginning.
Look how the colors fit together and think about how you'd be using them. While making your selection, also think about what the colors evoke and what you want your brand to stand for. If you're looking for a new (and powerful) insight into color psychology apart from the top ten results on Google search, check out Fiona Humberstone.

About selecting the fonts for your business: I only know the very basics of typography and have to admit that I always go with my gut when it comes to that matter. But there are are many resources out there that will help you with font selection and pairing. (It might be time to visit Pinterest again...)


Take Action (120min)

It's your turn again! Grab a cup of coffee (or two) and head over to Pinterest.



Pinterest is my favorite source of inspiration and Canva is an awesome free design tool for small business owners. Check out Adobe Color CC  for an easy way to discover matching color schemes and pay a visit to Fiona Humberstone for new insights into color psychology.

For a general guide to launch and build your business (including branding advice), sign up for the FREE Business Building Blocks for Women course taught by Dayhanna Acosta.


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These images were collected from Pinterest. I don't own the rights to any of them.
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