Your Holiday Instagram Feed


December should be the most beautiful time of the year. Time to relax, treat yourself and spend time with family and friends - to just enjoy life. But we all know how much stress there's associated with the holidays these days. And even more so as a small business owner... 

Social media planning consumes so much of the time I can spare to work on my side hustle - especially the planning of my Instagram feed as I want it to really represent the aesthetics of my styled stock photos. And I know I'm not the only one obsessing about the look of my feed. But while the pictures I post are actually the products I'm selling, most of you have other products to design and create and can't afford to spend so much time on additional photos for their feed.

Last week, I got a message from a client who told me that she and one of her friends had been admiring my Instagram feed and were wondering if I would consider designing other peoples' feeds using their own photos. While I would love to offer such a service (and might actually do so in the future), I'm very well aware that 99% of small business owners can't afford paying someone else to design their feed.
But the message got me thinking about what kind of affordable services and products (apart from my styled stock photos) I could offer to help you create a feed that you love, that supports your brand message and that would help your grow your business.

And when I (finally) created my first Instagram styled stock bundle, I decided to create a sample feed in order to show you how you could use my pictures and mix them up with quotes, questions and prompts to boost engagement. 
Even if you have your own pictures and don't need mine, feel free to use this layout to save you some time on your social media planning for December.


This is more than just a pretty feed, though. (I hope you DO think it's pretty...) I've applied a lot of what I know about Instagram marketing to it. The pictures all convey a certain lifestyle which is supported by the font ("JohnDoe" from Adobe Typekit) and they leave a lot of space to place your own text, logo or designs. You can mix the photos up with inspirational or fun quotes that your target audience can relate to and engage your potential clients by posting questions and prompts.

Makes sense, doesn't it? But I'm in no way an Instagram marketing expert. Pretty much everything I know about this (amazing) social media platform, I've learned from the lovely Canadian sisters who are running BuzzingCreatives. I LOVE their way of teaching and how they don't just sell their products but nurture a very supportive community for small business owners. I really recommend you check them out - for example by testing their free Instagram course.