Hello, I’m Marianne.

This website might look different than what you expect. It does look different than I expect.

But we all know that the truth of small business life is what you see above. I wouldn’t want it any other way [ hence the smile on my face ] but, unfortunately, I don’t have that many arms in real life.

Consequently, I have to prioritise: I’m constantly working on my new website, behind the scenes but my main focus lies on the things that will bring most value to you:




In my classes I share the wealth of knowledge that I have accumulated in my 10 years as a Visual Merchandiser and pass on my product styling and story telling expertise.


Because I know that the stories I tell on my feed are not only making me happy.


If you need help with your visual story telling and want to work with me, write me an email or contact me via DM on Instagram. I’d love to support you with all my expertise, experience and knowledge!



What my clients are saying...



"[...] Marianne's passion for styling and creative flair were clearly reflected in the stunning collection of product images that she had created for me.

They captured the essence of what I feel my brand is about, they were visually appealing[...] and created interest in the products. I’m confident that these images will help to make my products stand out from the crowd and create greater brand awareness for Antonia York."

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