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I’m The Product Stylist.

I’m a passionate photographer, successful teacher on Skillshare and a product styling and visual story telling expert with 10 years of experience in retail.

I’m here to help business owners like you tell their story and sell their products through powerful images.


Are you ready to take your product styling to the next level?

In my free product styling guide I give you an inside scoop on the steps that I personally follow to make sure that my stylings both represent my clients’ products in the best light and attract their target audience.

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I don’t recommend [only] using styled stock photography in your visual communication.

But it can take you part of the way.

I have hundreds of high quality photos from my days as a styled stock photographer. And I’d rather share them with you and have them help you instead of letting them sitting on my hard drive. [Because that would be a waste, wouldn’t it?]


"Marianne can take the experience that she has and literally craft a narrative for you that not only makes you look professional online but that also brings in revenue for your business."

Dayhanna Acosta from Chase Your Fears


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